Need To Sell Quickly To A Cash House Buyer?

Most people use a traditional estate agent when they decide to sell their house. And if you consider other options, the first alternative you would likely think of is an auction house sale. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with both of these common routes. In the case of an auction, there’s no guarantee of a sale and if you don’t sell then the value of your home is permanently lowered. Meanwhile, dealing with traditional estate agents often means surprise fees as well as a lengthy process that might never result in a sale.

When selling, it’s important not to overlook another key option – selling your house fast to cash house buyers. However, if you haven’t done this before then you likely have lots of questions. In particular, you’ll want to know why this option is often better than using an estate agent or auction. We’ll walk you through all the benefits of a quick sale, and we’ll explain how it works.

What Is A Cash House Buyer?

Cash house buyers promise you a quick property sale no matter your situation. Within a couple of weeks, the sale is complete and you have the money you need to pay off debts, move to a new place or invest in something new. While the offer you receive will be less than it would be if you used an estate agent, there are no hidden fees and the cash buyer doesn’t take a percentage cut. It’s the perfect solution for someone looking to sell quickly and with minimal effort.

What To Expect If You Sell Quickly To Cash House Buyers

There are three main stages involved in selling your home to a cash buyer company.

First of all, you complete an initial inquiry form online, where you provide all the details necessary to value your property (such as its location, age, condition, and so on).

Next, you can expect a call within 24 hours of submitting your form, where the property buying company will make you an offer based on comparing your home to similar buildings in the area. If you choose to accept the offer, you’ll move on to the third and final stage.

At this point, an independent expert evaluator visits your home to see if the original offer needs to be adjusted. As well as receiving this valuation for free, you can expect to be assigned a free lawyer who will represent your interests in the final days of the sale.

Discreet With No Viewings Or ‘for Sale’ Boards

One of the major pros of a quick sale to a cash house buyer is that it is totally discrete. For example, if you’re separating from your partner, the last thing you want is local people spotting a sign and asking questions. With a cash buying company, there are no parades of house viewers, and no garden signs.

Set A Completion Date To Suit you

If you need money to invest or pay off debts, you’ll want a sale to finish as soon as possible. Similarly, if you’re moving abroad or divorcing, you’ll have a specific timeline in mind. Traditional sale processes can’t promise to fit with this timeline, but cash buyer companies will schedule the sale around the dates you name.

No Solicitor Fees

In traditional sale processes, you may have to hire your own lawyer. However, your cash buying company will enlist an independent lawyer for you, saving you money and time.

Receive funds in as little as 14 days

Cash buyer companies are keen to facilitate the sale as quickly as possible, and it’s common for them to do so within just 14 days. Indeed, you can even complete faster if your situation requires it.

Circumstances Where Cash House Buyers Can Help You

You’ve now seen just how many benefits come with opting to sell your home to a quick cash buyer company. The process is simple, fast, and more private than using an estate agent. Further, it’s worth noting that there are scenarios in which using a property buying company is especially useful – and some of these scenarios may reflect your own circumstances. Here are eight of the most common, accompanied by a quick outline of what a cash house buyer can do for you in each case.

Sell An Inherited Property 

A newly inherited home can be sold, lived in, or rented out. In cases where you need the money, a sale certainly looks most appealing, but an estate agent can’t promise to sell quickly (if at all). On the other hand, property buying organisations can get you the money for the inherited property in just 1-2 weeks.

Sell A House Due To Divorce Or Separation

If you and your partner are separating, you have enough on your plate without having to deal with the stress of selling a property. Plus, the traditional route leaves signs in your garden, attracting questions and gossip. A quick cash sale gets the process over and done with as soon as possible, and entirely privately.

Sell A Flat With A Short Lease

A short-lease property is any home that has less than 80 years remaining on the lease. To shift these short-lease houses through traditional methods, you need to pay a fee to extend that lease. You don’t need to do this for cash buyers, who will take short-lease properties.

Stop House Repossession

Life changes sometimes mean you can’t pay a mortgage as anticipated. When this happens, it’s likely that your lender will threaten you with repossession unless you make up the payments. By selling quickly to a property buyer, you can get the cash in hand that you need to pacify your mortgage lender, keeping a roof over your family’s head.

Sell A House To Pay Off Debts

If you’re in debt, you might need to sell quickly, and your house or flat sale will be able to repay what you owe – but a traditional sale just takes too long if you need to pay your debts now. A cash house buyer can sort this out for you in less than a week in extreme circumstances.

Sell A Tenanted Property

Selling becomes a real hassle if there’s currently a tenant in the property you want to sell quickly. Happily, however, cash house buyers will take on a tenant along with a property that they purchase. This means you get to sell as planned, and the tenant gets to stay as planned until their lease runs out.

Sell A House To Emigrate Or Relocate

If you’re moving on to a new place for work or other opportunities, you have a lot to plan and organize. A property buying company can take one aspect of the move off your hands, so you simply don’t need to give any more thought to your previous home.

Sell A House To Downsize 

Retirement is a common reason for downsizing, but not the only one. Everything from newly living alone to needing a one-level property can motivate a desire to downsize. In all such cases, a quick cash sale gets you results faster. With traditional sales, you have to wait months or years for the new setup you need.

We Are Cash Property Buyers Who Can Help You To Sell Quickly

If you need to sell your property as quickly as possible, we have the skills and experience to make it happen. We are a team of expert professionals, and we have facilitated property sales in every kind of situation you can imagine. Everything you say to our staff is confidential, and we know you may still have questions before you decide to proceed. We’ll make you a fair offer free of charge, and we think you’ll want to accept. However, even if you don’t, you’ll leave with solid property advice under your belt.