Do You Have Commercial Property To Sell Quickly?

Need to raise money, we can help you if you have commercial property to sell quickly. It can seem like the perfect solution when you’re in urgent need of a lump sum when you have equity tied up in buildings you own. However, it can be a time-consuming, lengthy process rather than the quick source of cash that you need.

Here at, we have a solution to the frustrations caused by traditional sales on the open market. We can make fast cash offers on commercial properties in all sorts of conditions. Properties ranging from cafes to casinos, offices, restaurants and shops. What’s more, we’re committed to completing the process in time for any deadlines you might have. No matter how complex your situation, we have you covered. For example we’ll take on commercial properties that have a standing tenancy or other sorts of agreements in place. Below, we’ll explore everything you need to know to sell commercial property and what you can expect when you sell to us.

Reasons Why Commercial Property May Need To Be Sold Quickly 

There are all kinds of reasons to sell a commercial property. Some of the most common revolve around freeing up cash that is tied up in the property. For example, perhaps you’ve taken out a loan and need to sell your property to repay it? Alternatively, maybe you have essential and urgent business expenses that need to be paid? Regardless, we can help you get access to a large amount of money quickly. Sometimes, commercial properties actually need to be sold. For reasons like expanding your business, buy new equipment or take up an opportunity to collaborate with someone else. Or perhaps your commercial property is draining funds at a faster rate than it is bringing in profit.

No matter what your specific situation, we’ll make you an offer on your commercial property. An offer that will allow you to afford your expenses. Using details about the location, size and state of your property, we’ll conduct a valuation and make you the best offer possible. 

We Buy Commercial Properties When You Need To Sell Quickly

The team at makes cash offers on commercial properties based on the current market. We’ll do comparable market research to value similar properties in the area. This allows for a fast and successful sale.

One of the major selling points of going with a cash buyer company is that you not only get a fair offer on your commercial property, but you also save money in other ways. When you work with us, there’s no estate agent charging fees in the middle. We’ll even provide you with free, independent legal representation. We cover the price of the initial valuation and, later, the in-person valuation as well. As a bonus, you’ll easily save 2-3 months of mortgage payments by selling to us, because we’re able to arrange and finalise the sale within just a few weeks.

Along with financial considerations, the timeframe of an average property sale also attracts people to cash buyers like us. If you want your commercial property to sell quickly through an estate agent, you’re not guaranteed any viewings and the sale may take months to complete. In contrast, we make you an offer and complete the sale within just 2-3 weeks in most cases.

We can also guarantee privacy in a way that traditional estate agents can’t. Selling to us directly means you eliminate the need for any “for sale” or “sold” signs. No one will know you’re selling your commercial property unless you want to tell them. This includes any tenants you might have, as we don’t reach out to them. Our services are entirely confidential.

Types Of Commercial Properties We Can Buy For Cash 

We can arrange a quick sale allowing you to move on. Leaving you without having to arrange viewings, wait for interest, or get your property into its best shape. We’re interested in any commercial property you want to sell, no matter what condition it is in. However, there are five main types of commercial properties that we most frequently buy for cash. Let’s look at each in turn, along with briefly noting the benefits of selling such properties.

Commercial Offices For Sale

No matter where you have commercial offices or what they look like, we can offer you a fast sale. We’ll keep it quiet, too, so selling to us eliminates the need for any complicated discussions with your tenants.

Retail Properties For Sale

We take on retail properties as small as single stores and as large as shopping malls with dozens of outlets. Our offer will be based on the current property market in your area – not on how much money the shop is making.

Industrial Properties For Sale

Warehouses are among our more common purchases, as they’re incredibly expensive to keep in good condition. If you have a warehouse or factory that is draining your business’s funding, let us take it on instead.

Leisure Properties For Sale

When we talk about leisure properties, this includes commercial buildings that sell food, to hotels, gyms, and sports clubs. If you have a branch of a wider company that just isn’t profitable, or you need to downsize, just let us know.

Healthcare Properties For Sale

Traditional estate agencies are rarely the right fit for healthcare buildings like care homes, medical centres and counselling practices. Instead of taking your chances on the open market, approach us for a quick sale at a fair price.

What Are The Classes Of Commercial Property? 

All commercial properties are classified in a way that delineates the sort of business that can be conducted on their premises. You can be fined if your commercial property hosts activity falling outside its class. In brief, the most relevant to commercial property are the following:

  • B3-B7: Special Industrial Groups (which deal with e.g., chemicals, oils, miniming, metalwork).
  • B8: Distribution and Storage (inside a property or open air).
  • C1: Hotels, guest houses and hostels.
  • C2: Residential Institutions that provide care to people (e.g., hospitals, medical training facilities, care homes).
  • E: Stores, warehouses storing retail goods, post offices, dry cleaners, hairdryers, pet shops, sandwich shops.
  • Financial and Professional Services: Including banks, estate agents and betting shops.
  • Restaurants/Cafes
  • Businesses
  • Non-Residential (e.g., childcare facilities, medical clinics).
  • Leisure (e.g., sports complexes and gyms)
  • F2: Small shops, swimming pools, halls.
  • Sui generis: Anything that does fall within the scope of the above.

At, we can buy any class of commercial property.

Different Ways To Sell Your Commercial Property Quickly 

There are four main approaches you can take for your commercial property to sell quickly.

  • Private sales: If you’re well connected to people who can quickly and easily fund a purchase of your property, a private sale can be fast and effective. However, without such a network, it takes a long while to locate potential buyers. When you do, negotiate with them, and bring the sale to a close. You also have sole responsibility for all aspects of the sale, including arranging valuations and surveys.
  • Auctions: If you auction your commercial property, the auction costs will be covered by the buyer in most cases. This is when you can wrap up the process within about four weeks. The downside is that you have little control over what you’ll be able to make from the sale, and bad luck can mean losing thousands.
  • Estate agent sales: Traditional estate agents know how to tap into a market of prospective buyers and will carry out all negotiations. This is a lengthy and costly process, though, and you’ll likely end up in an unstable property chain. The downside is that your sale will collapse if any other sale in the chain does too.
  • Sell to a cash buyer: Specialist cash buyer companies consult current market prices to decide what to offer you, and can then arrange a very quick sale. There are no hidden costs, there is no possibility of a property chain, and you get immediate access to the cash.

Sell Quickly Can Help Buy Your Commercial Property:

Contact us today if you want to know what we can offer you. By giving us some basic details about your commercial property, you allow us to conduct an initial valuation. At this point we can make you an offer within just 8 hours of hearing from you. If you like the sound of our offer and you choose to accept, we’ll arrange for an in-person valuation in case the offer needs to be adjusted. We’ll also assign and instruct your independent solicitor.

If you have a particular timeframe within which you need to sell your commercial property, let us know and we’ll work to meet any deadlines. We’re experienced in buying commercial property of all sorts, in all conditions and locations. We’re confident we can make a fast cash sale work for you.

How Difficult Is It To Sell A Commercial Property?

Commercial property isn’t as popular as residential property, and there are nuances to commercial sales that make them harder to complete than house sales. If you plan to sell, it can take estate agents months to find you interested parties, and this can be a real problem if you need to pay off debts or want to expand your business in some new way. As a cash buyer, we simplify the process and speed it up. We make you a fair offer based on the current market, and we take responsibility for all the formalities for you.

How Is My Commercial Property Valued?

A commercial property’s classification, current condition, size and area can all impact on its valuation. We take all of this into consideration and make you a fair offer for a sale that is faster and easier than any traditional sale.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Sell My Commercial Property Fast For Cash?

We never charge extra fees if you choose to sell your property to us. We cover legal fees and all valuations, so you actually save money on aspects of the sale that would cost you if you went with a traditional estate agent.