Sell Your House Quickly For Cash

Do you need to sell your house as soon as possible? You might be under pressure to do so for many reasons, ranging from a new job to a marriage breakdown. But when you’re working to a tight schedule, auctions and estate agent sales simply move too slowly. In contrast, cash buyers like us can offer you a quick, guaranteed sale. You’re not committed to anything until you sign, and we have experience in selling properties no matter their condition or location.

If you’re trying to decide whether to use a service like ours, it’s important to collect all the relevant information. In this guide to a fast house sale, we’ll consider all the options on the table. Then we’ll tackle the most frequently asked questions. They will include whether there are any hidden costs, what you need to do to prepare your house, and when it is the right time to sell quickly.

How Easy Is It To Sell A House Quickly?

We’re experienced in arranging quick, fair sales of all kinds of properties, and we’re committed to making it a hassle-free process for you. Nevertheless, if you’re considering this option for the first time, you may wonder what you can expect from the process. There are three broad stages, all of which are entirely transparent.

Firstly, you fill out an initial inquiry form telling us some basic details about the house you’re selling, including location. We feed this information into a property market database that allows us to assess the right price to offer for your house. 

The second stage is when we contact you – within 24 hours of your inquiry – and make you an offer. You can ask us anything you want to know at this time as well, and we’ll discuss your needs for the sale. For example, if you have a date by which you need to shift the property, we’ll make sure to arrange this. Everything you tell us is completely in confidence. Rest assured that our team has dealt with every possible situation around property sales.

The third stage occurs if you decide to accept our offer. You’ll receive the relevant paperwork to sign in this final stage. Then, we’ll arrange an independent solicitor to represent your interests throughout the sale. We may also increase or decrease the final offer price at this point, too. Finally, we’ll instruct an independent valuation company assess the worth of your house.

Common Circumstances To Sell Your House Quickly

We offer an appealing service that is quick, straightforward and hassle-free. This means we attract people from all walks of life, with all kinds of needs. That said, we do see certain circumstances that we see more often than others. For example, here are the top seven reasons why someone needs their house to sell quickly:

  • Chain break during a planned sale
  • Inherited property that isn’t needed
  • Moving for work or relationship
  • Marriage breakdown
  • Freeing up money for an investment, or business 
  • To prevent the house from being repossessed
  • Conserving money for retirement.

Whether your own situation mirrors one of the above or is entirely different, we’ll talk you through it. We want to come up with a clear, detailed plan for a sale that suits you. We’ll focus on any deadlines for which you need to free up cash. No matter how quickly or slowly you need to arrange your sale, we have the experience and the expertise to make it happen.

The Options When It Comes To Sell Your House 

When you come to us and say “Can you sell my house?”, we’ll always say yes. We guarantee you no hidden costs, and we can complete the whole process in just a couple of weeks. However, before you commit to using our service, it’s always worth thoroughly exploring the alternatives. The two other major choices on the table are selling through a high street estate agent or through an auction. Both come with significant downsides, and are unlikely to give you the efficiency you need if you’re working to a deadline.

In particular, no high street estate agent can guarantee you a sale. In fact, they can’t guarantee you a single viewing. The other cons associated with using a high street estate agent mostly involve costs that add up. To start, you’re likely to have to pay money to get your property in good shape for a sale. Once at this stage, you’ll probably pay for a photographer to present it in the best light. However, the costs don’t stop there. Rather, most estate agents will ask for a fixed percentage cut of the asking price of your property. This quite easily amount to a significant lump sum. Meanwhile, if you decide to pursue the auction route instead, you’re also not guaranteed to make a sale – even at your reserve price. Further, if you fail to auction your house, a public record will note that your reserve price wasn’t met, and this will drag down the market value of your house.

Preparing Your House For A Quick Cash Sale

When preparing your home for sale, it’s vital that you don’t spend too much money. After all, you want to move on as quickly and cheaply as possible. However, it is undeniably smart to look for small but powerful ways to improve the property’s appearance. Aim to make it easy for potential buyers to picture themselves living in the place by giving them plenty of space and addressing any obvious damage. More specifically, here are five things you could do within just a day, all of which can enhance the perceived value of the home:

  • Scrap old furniture and knick knacks that you don’t need, making the rooms seem tidier and bigger. As a bonus, you can donate these to people in need, or sell them at car boot sales.
  • Keep all the windows spotless and shiny.
  • Fill in any cracks you can find in the walls and ceilings.
  • Spruce up the garden, keeping the lawn trim and planting bright flowers if possible.
  • Improve the smell of the property by regularly airing it and using scented candles/oils.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Quick House Sale

Now, what are the pros and cons of selling your home to a quick cash property buyer? Let’s start with the most obvious pro – fast access to money – and consider what this can do for you. For one thing, it translates to freedom to move forward with your life. Whether you’re divorced and don’t want to have to think about your old home, or you’re moving to work in a new place and want to immerse yourself in the future, we take your property off your hands so you don’t need to look back. This also provides you with the financial freedom to invest, to downsize, and to pay off debts. Another major benefit of our process is the transparency of our contracts. There are never any hidden fees – in fact, you get solicitor representation for free, as well as a formal valuation of your property.

Where there are drawbacks of going with a quick cash buyer, these are buyer-dependent. For example, some property buying companies will have hidden costs. To avoid these, stick to a company with a solid reputation and a clearly defined process – a company like us.

Common Questions About Selling A House:

Is It Better If I Chose A Cash Buyer To Sell My House To Instead Of Using A Traditional Estate Agent? 

It’s better to go with a cash property buyer because we can promise you a sale, and promise that it will go through at a fast rate. No matter the deadline you’re working with, we can meet it at no extra charge to you. In contrast, auctions and estate agents can’t promise you any interest at all, and certainly can’t promise a successful sale.

When Is A Good Time To Sell A House?

We’ll sell your house for you at any time of year. However, if you have the freedom to choose when to sell, our in-house experts recommend the first six months of the year as it is the busiest on the property market.

What Are My Costs When Selling My House To A Cash Buyer?

We pride ourselves on a “no additional costs” approach to quick cash sales. You don’t need to pay anything to get advice from us, nor to receive an offer on your property. So, even if you don’t pursue our offer, at least you got some free and friendly property advice.

If I Need To Sell Quickly – How Long Does It Take To Sell My House For Cash?

We work to your schedule, and most of our sale processes are complete within about two and a half weeks. However, if you need a faster sale, we can facilitate that if you need it. We can complete the sale in as little as two days if absolutely necessary.

Are There Any Fees, Charges Or Costs To Pay?

We will never add extra costs when arranging a quick cash sale. Even better, we have your home valued for free by an independent expert, and we set you up with a solicitor who will represent your interests throughout the process. All offers we make are free of charge.

How Will You Value My House?

In the first instance, we ask you for key details about your house and then use our research database to calculate how much your property is worth compared to similar homes in the area. Later, if you’re happy with our offer, we conduct an in-depth valuation by instructing a professional surveyor to visit in-person. Where the independent valuation comes up with a different number, our final offer represents the average figure.