Need Your Property To Sell Quickly Due To Divorce Or Separation?

It can be hugely overwhelming when you find yourself in the situation of needing your property to sell quickly due to divorce or separation. In addition, it’s a time of high emotions, without also having to think about selling your property. For example, it’s too common for there to be conflict about who gets the house. Maybe you’re keen to sell while your partner is adamant about holding onto the family home. And, even if you do agree that selling is the right choice, you may face questions from nosy neighbours who see the “for sale” signs go up in your garden.

Here at, we offer people going through separation a fast sale for cash. We have no need to put up signs, we treat all your details as confidential and discreetly. We don’t take anywhere as long as estate agents do, we work to your timeline. Below, we’ll look at all the key facts you need to know to decide if you want to sell to us.

Requirements To Sell Quickly Due To Divorce Or Separation

You’ll have to keep a range of considerations in mind if you want to sell a property as part of separating from a former partner. In particular, there are five main questions to ask yourself before you get started.

Are Both Parties In Agreement  To The Sale?

If both parties agree to the property sale, this dramatically increases the chances of the sale going smoothly. However, as noted above, it’s common for there to be tension about selling, so it’s wise to have other options to suggest. The most common route is for one person to buy out the other. This will free the person who now owns the whole property to do as they choose. Try to be direct and empathetic when talking about a potential sale with your partner. And if you’re struggling, seek out a therapist or family mediator to help you reach a fair decision.

How Quickly Would You Like To Sell?

In the event that you agree to sell, you also have to set a rough timeline for the sale. If you don’t mind when the property sells, then you have more options on the table. For example, you might go with a high street agent, you might auction off the property, or you may arrange a fast sale for cash. Many divorcing couples want the sale to be completed as fast as possible, however, which constrains your options. If a quick sale is your priority, an express estate agency is your best bet.

Is There A Particular Date For the Sale Or Move Required?

All separating couples have different priorities that can impact on when they want to sell quickly due to divorce or separation Perhaps one or both of you have time sensitive plans? Maybe a new job? Maybe you’re looking to shift your work schedule? Or maybe you have children with school commitments that constrain your moving date. Whatever date you have in mind, cash buyer companies are best placed to make a sale happen by that date. We’re experienced in completing sales within 2-3 weeks of first contact. If you need a sale to complete sooner we can work to a stricter schedule if needed.

Is The Property Available And Suitable For Viewings?

What condition is your property in right now? If it isn’t looking in tip top shape, does it need any repair work? Will it require you and your ex-partner to do much in order to get the place ready to sell via a traditional estate agent? In contrast, we don’t need your property to be in any particular condition. We take houses and flats of all shapes and sizes in any condition. And even if your house is in great shape, do you really want people constantly dropping in for viewings? This once again draws everyone’s attention toward your fractured relationship.

Can The Sale Of The Property Cover The Mortgage And All Legal Fees Incurred?

Finally, it’s vital to look at whether selling your property will be able to cover any outstanding mortgage payments and any relevant fees. Legal expenses and estate agent commission cuts can put serious demands on your finances, for example.

If you’re worried about your finances, you can speak to a member of our team for confidential advice.

Will your planned property sale will be able to cover your costs. We also operate on a “no hidden fees” basis and even provide free, independent legal representation.

Questions About Selling Quickly Due To Divorce Or Separation:

Do I Need Consent From My Spouse / Partner / Husband / Wife In Order To Sell My House?

If you both own the home, then you need the other person’s consent to arrange a sale. In contrast, if you’re the only named party on the title deeds, this means you’re the only owner and it’s your right to decide what happens to the property. You can keep it, rent it to tenants or arrange a sale.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Sell My House Fast For Cash?

We don’t charge you anything to receive an offer from us. You simply supply us with the details about your property’s location and condition, and you can decide whether to go ahead. At best, you’ll get a fast sale that allows you to move on with your life – and, at the very least, you’ll get a free valuation and helpful property advice.

How Long Does It Take To Sell A House Fast For Cash?

There’s no one answer to this question, but the average timespan is around three weeks from the date you first contact us. It’s important to note that we’re very flexible, so if your separation means that you have particular deadlines in mind then it’s highly likely that we can complete at a faster pace. Just let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Are There Any Fees, Charges Or Costs To Pay?

We never charge you extra fees, charges or costs. This sets us apart from traditional estate agents, who take a percentage of your sale price as a commission. On top of not charging extra fees, we pay for a solicitor to represent your interests. And if you decide you don’t want to sell quickly to us, you can walk away from our offer without paying anything.

How Will You Value My Property?

We value your property twice. In the first instance, we use the basic information you give us along with a property database to calculate what a home like yours tends to be worth in your area. This is the basis for our cash offer. Later, if you accept, we’ll refine the offer through an in-person valuation of the property.

Can We Assure A Discreet Service From Neighbours? 

Yes. A separation or divorce is deeply personal, and we respect your privacy at all times. We don’t need to put up a “for sale” sign in front of your home, and our in-person valuation won’t look any different from a visit – there will be no way to tell that it’s part of a sale process. With our service, no one in your area needs to know about your relationship ending unless you want to tell them.