Property Services To Help You Sell Quickly

At Sell Quickly, we work with anyone who wants to arrange a quick property sale for cash. This might be because you’re facing a divorce or separation, or perhaps you’ve suffered a chain break or need to pay off an urgent debt. We know how worrying and costly it can be to try and sell your home, and our team has the expertise needed to take the stress out of the sale experience. Making you an offer within a day of first contact and completing most sales within just 1-2 weeks, we deal with all of the below reasons for selling property.

Stop House Repossession

It’s frightening to face property repossession, and many people panic when this happens. It’s common to have questions about how the process works, and to be uncertain about whether you can prevent it. If this is your situation, reach out to us – we can help you figure out what to do once you’re under threat of home repossession. Indeed, a common solution is to arrange a quick cash sale so that you free up the cash you need to stop repossession in its tracks. At, we will value your house and make an offer within just 1-2 days, and we’ll provide free independent solicitor representation at our cost.

Sell Property With Sitting Tenants

If you have a property with renting tenants in it, the prospect of a sale can sound complex and daunting. You might wonder how best to protect the tenant’s rights, for example, or you may worry about how they will react to a sale. With our service, the sale can be confidential and simple. We are happy to take on many houses and flats with sitting tenants, and we work hard to prevent void periods during the sale.

Sell A House After Divorce Or Separation

Divorce or separation is often deeply painful, but the practical hurdles can make it even worse. However, it’s likely that you and your ex-partner are looking for a quick, fair solution, especially if you have a family. We will gladly take on the task of selling your house as fast as possible with minimum attention drawn to the sale. When you sell your property through a high street estate agent, it’s common to have signs in your garden that let everyone around know you’re moving on. Our process keeps your personal business just how it should be – completely private.

Sell Inherited Property

Inherited properties typically accompany bereavements, and at such times you can feel helpless at the thought of having to sell the property. You may have no experience in doing so, and wonder if you should become a landlord renting the property or even just live there. We can help you understand your options and, if you choose to sell quickly, we can make that happen for you within your timeframe. This leaves you to get on with the many other emotional and practical tasks associated with inheritance. We’ll also provide free solicitor representation, and we make a no-hidden-fees promise to all clients.

Sell A Flat With A Short Lease

A short lease is generally defined as one that has less than 80 years on it. If you have a house or a flat that fits your description, the sale process can be more complex than usual. If you go through an estate agent, you’ll often notice a distinct lack of interest. You can solve this problem by adding an extension to your current lease, but this can cost as much as £15,000+ and doesn’t happen overnight. In contrast, a quick cash sale can shift a short lease property virtually immediately.

Sell Property To Pay Off Debts

Almost everyone struggles with financial debt at some point in their life, but that doesn’t make it any less daunting. If you’re currently wondering how you’ll pay off your debts, considering a fast property sale for cash is certainly one possible solution. Getting in touch with us will help you figure out whether the sale could cover your current debts, and could give you immediate access to the money you need.

Sell A House To Emigrate Or Relocate

There are many different reasons why you might be relocating, ranging from taking up a new job to fulfilling caring responsibilities within your family. No matter why you need to relocate or emigrate to a new place, you may be under pressure to sell quickly. You might think there’s no way to complete such a sale in time, and that might be true with a traditional estate agent. However, with a quick cash buyer, you can make the sale in just a couple of weeks and then be on your way to your new home.

Sell To Downsize 

There are lots of incentives to consider downsizing by moving to a smaller house or flat. If you’re considering this option, we can help to make a house sale stress-free and fast. The sale can free up the money you need for your new home, and you’ll get a free valuation that will doubtless be helpful to you even if you don’t accept our offer. In addition, we can work to your pace – so whether it’s urgent or more leisurely, we’ll make it happen.

Sell Commercial Property

When a business is struggling for cash, it can be tough to raise the necessary money – especially if you have equity tied up. Selling your commercial property is one of the smartest, most efficient methods of getting the money you need, and we can get the job done much more quickly than any estate agent – guaranteed. We’ll make you an offer just days after hearing from you, and we can bring the sale to completion according to your timeline. As a bonus, you get free, independent representation from one of our recommended solicitors throughout.

Sell Land

Sometimes, people don’t think of quick cash buying companies when they need to sell land, assuming that such services only apply to properties. That may be true for some, but here at we are experienced in buying all kinds of land with the same level of efficiency as we bring to property sales. Simply tell us the key facts about the location, dimensions and conditions of that land, and we’ll make you a fair offer that’s worth your consideration.